City of Joburg

​The Buy Sell Invest and Visit (BSIV) is one of Joburg’s flagship initiatives emanating from the Growth and Development Strategy (GDS) 2040 recently launched by the City’s Executive Mayor Mpho Tau to economically and socially transform the economy. The initiative is aimed at building on the positive image that the city achieved after the country hosted the world’s most popular sports event, the FIFA World Cup, in 2010. The success of the World Cup firmly entrenched the global view of the city as a world-class African city boasting of first world economic and social infrastructure combined with the superb capabilities to attract and host major world events. As a result, the city will now focus on not only attracting new investment into the city, but also provide after care services to existing businesses in order to encourage both their retention and to influence their expansion plans.

The city of Joburg is the world-acclaimed economic powerhouse of the African continent. It is the City of action with well-established commercial and shopping precincts to cater for diverse domestic international tastes, it is where money is made, where things like telecommunications work, the lights switch on, where you can drink pure safe water and experience unique multi-cultural vibe only found in Johannesburg. It boasts of the first world economic and social infrastructure combined with superb capabilities to attract and host major world events and facilities for diversified sporting quotes at the highest international level; it is the centre of excellence for arts and culture as well as entertainment. Joburg is further strongly gearing up to

be an international film city. It is the only city on the continent that boasts of skyscrapers comparable to some renowned international cities, with world class conference facilities, side-walk restaurants and greenbelts as well as roof-top gardens. The project is aimed at investment attraction of both local and foreign companies, targeting companies with expansion plans in the continent to use the city as a gateway. In addition the initiative will show case the value addition in goods and services in order to position Johannesburg as a premier destination for trade, business and leisure tourism, and showcase city-wide investment projects for promotion to investors and funding partners.

The City is also strategically poised to facilitate trade and export of value-added goods and services. The city will host an international investors conference, tourism exhibitions and regional trade and investment initiatives to showcase both trade and investment opportunities, promote business to business linkages all aimed at positioning Joburg as a world-class African economic hub and including nerve centre of finance and business services. The City anchors the largest and well developed dry/inland port on the continent, thus we are promoting domestic and international trade for ultimate transshipment throughout the SADC region. We are aware of the significant contribution that the cross broader trade brings into the local economy through trade and tourism Johannesburg is well positioned to confirm its status as the country and the continent’s representative in the global market. Joburg’s positive attributes are embedded in the city-located private companies, entrepreneurs and workforce. Johannesburg is also poised to become a strong contender in the global economy as a result of the advanced technological developments and impending implementation of the Broadband and other privately driven connectivity initiatives.

Bold government-induced initiatives such as the modernisation of the public transport through the introduction of the Gautrain, the high speed railway project as well as the Bus Rapid Transportation systems will enhance Joburg’s citizens’ access to employment and economic opportunities, and high-order services. The proliferation of the Business Process Services (BPS) investment will immensely boost the city’s quality employment potential, technology and skills transfer, thus leading to significant improvement in the quality of lives of the people of Johannesburg. The growing strength of financial services and increased pace of private investment inflow into Johannesburg broadly, and with the greater cooperation among the city’s economic sector role-players including all government spheres, the competitiveness will be enhanced and sustainable and balanced economic growth stimulated for the benefit of all Johannesburg citizens. In addition, regionally-driven strategic economic initiatives in the city’s pipeline are key to broadening the economic spin-offs and improving service delivery throughout the city. These include the following:
·         UDZ-anchored Inner city initiatives such as the highly successful Urban Development Zone tax incentive that has spurred dramatic property development and refurbishment in the Inner city
·         Soweto Empowerment Zone industrial park, which has begun to positively impact on Soweto’s investment climate, and the innovative establishment of small and medium-sized businesses in the south of Johannesburg.
There are also some large economically transformative undertakings envisioned within the next three to five-year horizon that include the Aerotropolis, or Airport City at Lanseria Airport, the Oasis in Soweto Initiative, commercialization of Gautrain ToDs at Midrand, Marlboro, Sandton, Rosebank and Parkstation/Joubert Park; Decking ToD Precincts and BRT station commercialisation at Fordsburg, and Doornfontein.
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Reginald Pholo
Director: Investment and Trade Promotion
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